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National Secretaries. In those countries where national branches of CNEWA have been created, a national secretary is nominated by the president and elected by the board of directors of the national branch at its annual meeting to serve for such term as the president may propose and the board may determine. Each national secretary is the chief executive officer of the national branch of CNEWA. He is responsible for supervising the affairs and operations of the national branch in cooperation with the president.

Other officials. Other officers are appointed by the president to serve for such term as he may designate.


CNEWA, as a corporation incorporated under the religious corporations law of the State of New York State, maintains its principal office in that state. As a public association of the Christian faithful placed under the direction and presidency of the archbishop of New York by the Holy See, CNEWA maintains its central office Rome and considers its New York office as its administrative headquarters.


Any person who approves of the purposes of CNEWA and who agrees to submit to its rules and regulations is eligible for membership in CNEWA. Membership consists of active members and passive members as regulated by the board of trustees.

The active members of CNEWA are the trustees themselves. The passive members are the voluntary donors and benefactors of CNEWA.


The policies of CNEWA are determined by its board of trustees. CNEWA conducts its activities in accordance with the dispositions of the Holy Father and the policies of the Holy See.

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