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Under the leadership of Archbishop Marcel Gervais of Ottawa, “CNEWA Canada” was organized and incorporated. This prompted the separation of a distinct “CNEWA United States” and a restructuring of the governance of the central, mother organization of CNEWA.

In Canada, support and interest in CNEWA’s activities grows each year. For financial and operation reasons, however, CNEWA’s board of trustees dissolved CNEWA United States and reintegrated its functions with CNEWA effective 31 January 2013.

Mission and Goals

Catholic Near East Welfare Association, founded by the Holy Father, shares the love of Christ with the churches and peoples of the East.

CNEWA works for, through and with the Eastern Catholic churches to identify needs and implement solutions.

CNEWA connects you to your brothers and sisters in need. Together, we build up the church, affirm human dignity, alleviate poverty, encourage dialogue — and inspire hope.


CNEWA, although remaining one unified institution in accordance with canon law and the directives of the Holy See, utilizes as many civil corporate structures as may be necessary to the fulfillment of its mission.


Board of Trustees. The governing body of CNEWA is a board of trustees. The archbishop of New York is a trustee ex officio; the remaining trustees are elected for terms of four years by the board itself, originally from among the cardinals, archbishops and bishops of the United States and now also from the hierarchies of other countries where national branches of CNEWA have been established. The trustees meet at least once every year on a date fixed by the archbishop of New York.

Chair. The archbishop of New York is ex officio the chair of CNEWA and of the board of trustees. He is responsible for the overall supervision and direction of CNEWA.

Vice-Chair. The vice-chair of CNEWA is elected by the board of trustees from among its members at its annual meeting for a term of one year. In the event of the absence, disability or death of the chair, the vice-chair presides at all meetings of the board of trustees and in all other respects performs the duties of the chair.

Treasurer. The archbishop of New York is ex officio the treasurer of CNEWA. He is responsible for the overall management of the business affairs and assets of CNEWA.

Secretary. The secretary of CNEWA is nominated by the chair and elected by the board of trustees at its annual meeting to serve for such term as the board may determine. His election is confirmed by the Holy See. The secretary is the chief executive officer and president of CNEWA. He is responsible for directing it, under the supervision of the chair, in support of the mission, plans and policies approved by the board of trustees.

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